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Rent a house or a flat by the inhabitant in Cuba: in 30 cities, 300 addresses, 500 rooms. 

Aeroport Jose Marti, Guanabo Playa del Este, La Havane Centro, Vedado, Miramar,  Matanzas, Varadero, Soroa, Viñales, Puerto Esperanza, La Palma Cayo Levisa, Santa Lucia, Pinar del Rio, Isla de la Juventud, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cienfuegos, Playa Giron, Playa Larga, Playa La Boca, Ciego de Avila, Santa Clara, Moron, CamagueyLas Tunas, Puerto Padre, Playa Herradura, Playa Las Bocas, Holguin, Gibara, Bayamo, Manzanillo, Santiago de Cuba, Playa Siboney, Baracoa.



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Holguin is a large provincial working city  which I like very much for its situation, for its culture, its dynamism and the quietness of its parks.

From there, I advise you to make a little stop in Gibara  (30 km) : small and pleasant fishing port or to swim with the dolphins in Guardalavaca.

There is  a particular and unique event  in Bayamo : La Cubanilla. Every saturday evening there is a party in the street next to the Calle Maximo Gomez.  You will  sit down comfortably and  eat  local specialties, drink  a Hatuey cerveza (local beer) in a very good atmosphere, surrounded by thousands of Bayameses. 

All is paid in Cuban pesos          

There is no legal obligation to rent the first 2 nights in a hotel
for to obtain its visa.

But you must imperatively place is at the inhabitant in house, paticular casa official or in a hotel.

Normally the customs officer asks you where you sleep and can also ask you to see (very seldom) your reservation of hotel or of official (the voucher)

The only obligation put, it is to register on the chart of tourism, (the visa), the address or you will sleep: hotel or house (casa particular).

If you register ' CASA PARTICULARE' you must write the name of the hirer out and the complete address ' with the cubaine' such as you will find it 

on the 3 lists to be printed house/casa official  and the customs officer will let to you enter without any problem.

It should be noted that in July, August and December, the renting prices are a little more expensive than the other months.


If you want to rent a car, you'd rather book from your country, so as you will be sure to have a car on the foreseen day,  ask for delivery  in your hotel on the wished date or on the airport on arrival.
There are 3 companies with similar services  as well as similar prices. Do not forget. Cuba is a communist country (I do not have anything against this, but it is reality), people often forget it once  on the place, all the companies are government enterprises. An advice for the renting and  a small economy :  assure the renting from your country to be certain to have the car in time  on your arrival at the airport or the hotel.
If you are a numerous family you can  rent minibus with a driver.
New : if you book a room in the hotel Acuario in La Havana you can book a car at the same time.
It is possible to rent a car, there are 3 companies which rent on the spot: 50/70 Cuc per day depending the category of car + petrol  (approximately 1 Cuc / liter).
Regarding the hiring of Cuban cars with private driver : It should be known that it is prohibited to the Cubans to transport foreigners in their cars.  Always discuss the price before leaving and let you explain clearly he conditions because in certain cases it will be more expansive than an official taxi.


A company in Havana proposes a model of camping car  for 4/5 places  

 For all informations : Campertour. 3 tr y Malecon. LaHabana. (00 53 7) 833 75 58

This service it's close today.

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If you like SALSA, you will be happy !!! but take care with the Rum which is very good. Avoid the Cubans who walk in the street with  rum bottles in the hand, because some times they  have strange reactions ... and  let come out many interiorized things... it is true that it is a way like another  to forget the problems...
The best place for music is without any doubt : La Havana. Indeed this city is an important crossroads for all the styles of music's.
All the richness of the Cuban music is present permanently with many groups of different horizons which come to be confronted in this place. I think that it is the ideal place for an approach.
Actually in each city you will find groups. I am thinking especially to Santiago or Holguin where you will meet local musicians of great value.
Salsa : in La Havana you there is  all kind of salsa, the best and the worthest. But I recommend  the "Palacio of salsa" in the bottom of the Riviera hotel along the Malecon or the "Cafe Cantante", close to the "Plaza de la Revolucion". Entrance fee approximately 5/10 Cuc including a drink. It is quite expansive, and many Cubans are waiting in front of the door hoping to find somebody to help them 

In all the cities (for inquiries : contact the center of culture or ask the people  in the street) every saturday evening (sometimes Friday) and Sunday there is an open air Cuban disco music. 

For security : don't take with you to much money or any documents.
And often there are open air public festivals in the evening with good musicians, a unique atmosphere and a different mentality. Take care with the cuban rum... Cubans  drink a lot (maybe to forget and surprising things make surface, but is not the case everywhere 


Regarding paragliding, this kind of sport, to my knowledge, is not very developed in this country.  You must inform you and ask if you have to take along your material.

Regarding the necessary authorizations , as well as the taxes or possible surtaxes in customs.....they are very litigious.
If you wish to practice scuba diving, you have a great choice, mainly on the northern coast. In La Havana contact the Marina Hemingway, or the Colony hotel on the "Isla de la Juventud" , or you will find places on Cayo Coconut, Cayo Largo. 

Also on playa la  Gorda. It will cost  approximately 40 Cuc for the boat + the hiring of the material.
Spéléologie in Cuba is practically not developed


I understand very well your impatience  to return to this country to visit it in a different way.  Once  you will have read the file, you will have practically all the answers to the your questions. I specify that concerning the restoration : no problem with Cuc and even with pesos, there are everywhere small rapid restorations 

" EL RAPIDO " or others. For meals at the inhabitant, just ask anybody who will be disposed to cook for you good typical meals for 4/5 Cuc.

Your hirer, will ask you 5 to 7 Cuc pretexting the tax, although your meal is not declared in 95% of the cases. But at this price you are entitled to a complete meal except drink : salad, main dish, Vegetables, fruits. Particularity :  all the dishes are served at once.
You also have many stores or markets (each city has one) where you can buy food,  (also in the street)  fresh vegetables and fruits selled directly by the farmers . You will find simple popular restaurants do not hesitate to enter. 

There are also  small restaurants for tourists the " Paladars " expensive 8/12 Cuc and not always the top

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Although the hygiene level  is relatively good, to be very precise, the water is not drinkable in Cuba. Do not believe those which tell you the contrary ! (even the Cubans boil the drinking water for their children). Take care with the ice cubes and  the  fruit juices with added water. Always wash your hands before eating.

There are international pharmacies and services in the hospitals reserved for those which pay in Cuc. No vaccine is required for entry in Cuba.


 Housing at the inhabitant is very sympathetic and I can ensure you that you will be welcomed and feel in full security.

Nothing to fear for your safety in general. In the big cities there are policeman's everywhere, those which are visible and the others

In the smaller cities or in the countryside there are less problems. The physical aggressions are seldom, but it should be recognized that recently they tend to increase quickly, mainly in the big cities. The only risk you will have, is to be stolen

It is  to you  to pay attention so that it does not arrive. The Cubans are charmers (normal) but not too sticky and if you speak a little bit Spanish 


It is not possible for foreigners to work in Cuba  without a reestablished contract  with the Cuban state or a foreign company. If you speak English + Spanish it is a considerable asset which can eventually be treated on the spot in international hotels. The Cuban average wage is 6 Cuc / month and there is much unemployment


It is not a visa which  is required for Cuba, but a tourist card. You can order this card at the Cubain consulate in you country or in a travel agency : price 23 €. It also can be ordered and delivered by mail, for this you will have to join to your letter the photocopy of the first 4 pages of your passport and a photocopy of the flight ticket, with a cheque and an envelope with a stamp.
As a tourist you can stay 1 month in Cuba  : renewable 1 time but you will have to pay again to immigration for a new tourist card

As well as if you exceed one week or more without declaring it, you will have to pay the price of a new tourist card when passing the border.

If wished you can stay longer. For that you must leave the country and  make a little trip in Mexico for example. But the authorities does not like this very much and if you do it more than 3 times you will pay an important over cost if catched.
Another solution, if you fall in love... with Cuba at the point not to want to return home anymore : register as student, in Spanish language for example. Once more the Cuban State has foreseen the case and will make you pay approximately 1000 € minimum per year . That includes the studies, a no mixed housing, without the food which you will have to pay into Cuc. 


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