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Rent a house or a flat by the inhabitant in Madagascar,Thailand

Madagascar: Antananarivo, Antsiranana, Diego Suarez, Antsirabe. Thailand: Bangkok, Hua Hin


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Attached to the document regarding CUBA, you will receive all information for lodging at the inhabitant in comfortable and accessible B & B with the typical Malagasy welcome in ANTANANARIVO and ANTSIRABE. You will receive all information explaining how to go to the northern end of Madagascar, to ANTSIRANANA (Diego Suarez) and to the fishermen village  of RAMENA, located on the splendid  "Baie des français" (frenchmen bay) famous for its white sandy beach, right before the passage which leads to the dreamy emerald sea...



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The best ways of traveling as well as the fares of the taxis, the bush-taxis ...


All information of the bungalows or rooms in B&B in
Antsirabé and Antananarivo

Addresses, prices and number of rooms of all the hotels and restaurants of Antsiranana and Ramena.

How to book .....


Entertainment, bars, restaurants.....


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Plage de Ramena

Beach of Ramena

Local money ... where and how to exchange ...  

living cost ?

 Le 22-08-2015 

Un Euro = + / - 3200 Ariary (MGA)

Complete information is updated regularly


Un sifaka


In short,  thanks to all these useful recommendations, which will avoid you many little worries, you will not feel lost on arrival in Antananarivo, Antsirabé and Antsiranana.




Beach of Ramena

Map of Madagascar

Antsiranana, Ramena and surrounding

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When you are in Diego Suarez, there is a fantastic thing to do, you absolutely will have to try it, it will not cost any effort and it is certainly the cheapest leisure of the place : Descent of 22 kms of Joffreville by bicycle with MAKIMOBILE.!!!

PASCAL AND GEORGETTE take you and the bicycle by car to  JOFFREVILLE, and you have nothing else to do that ride your bicycle down the hill and admire the landscape and the nature. Great sight on the "Baie des français". The whole trip takes 2 hours, excluding the stops. Assistance is assured.

Price: 48 000 MGA = 15 Euros.

If you want to call Pascal or Georgette in Diego dial : 03 20 77 5844. Good trip !


TEL : 03 20 77 58 44

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