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Cuba, a Modern Art Painter   : Ismael Romero MARTINEZ 

Calle Jose Mastrapa n° 53

Entte Granma y Pelago Paneque. Rpto Casa Piedre.

Las Tunas, Cuba

Bachelor in appreciation of Plastic Art. Graduated by the Professional Academy of Plastic Art

Teacher in the Provincial School of Plastic Art. National and International exposures

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1990 : National Exhibition of  FEU, Guantánamo

1991 : Festival of Contemporary Art, Holguin

1992 : Guernico, Exhibition,  Amancio

1994 : Landscapes National Meeting, Camagüey

1998, 1999, 2000 :  National Exhibition of Plastic Art

1999 : Exhibition of the Artists from las Tunas, Bremen, Alemania.

1999: Fayad Jamis Exhibition

1999 : "Joven de la Plástica"  Exhibition Las Tunas




2000 : UNEAC Exhibition, Las Tunas

2000 : Exhibition of the Cuban Erotic Landscape , Las Tunas

2000 : Concurse : Cocktails and  Tobacco,  Bremen, Alemania

2001 :  Fayad Jamis Exhibition, Las Tunas

2001 : Exhibition of Plastic Artists from Las Tunas.

2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 : Local Exhibition : Plastic in April

2002 : Exhibition of Cuban Artists,  Mexico and Honduras.

2002 : International Exhibition UNEAC, Cienfuegos

2003 : National Exhibition of "Paisaje Confluencias", Las Tunas

Distinctions :

Second prize : National Exhibition of the Students FEU, 1990.

First prize : Guenico Exhibition, Amancio, Cuba

Second prize :  National Exhibition :  Students in Plastic Art, 1999.

Second prize : Concurse  Cuba, cocktails and tobacco, Bremen, Alemania.

Third prize : National Exhibition : Landscapes,  Las Tunas, Cuba.

Hermanos Saíz prize, National Exhibition :  "aisaje Confluencias", Las tunas, Cuba.

Mención Plática en Abril, 2003, Las Tunas, Cuba.

Ismael Romero MARTINEZ

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para un 


Simbiosis para un torso



Principio y fin

Renaissance in the Cuban Erotic Landscape 


"the nude, the erotism, the sex, appear in art since antiquity, the Greek sculptures prove it the case which interests me, the work of Ismaël Romero Ramirez, summarizes the subject under a very personal aspect, his contribution is substantiel. The naked body merge in the landscape. 

The poetic atmosphere is captivating, it emanates an artistic substance able to calm and enrich the spirit. Certain characteristics remain in its works.

Much poetry, rythm, harmony. The esthetic codes which guide the artists hand are classic but not traditional because they are enriched by the very personnel vision of the author who makes us take part by stimulating our own creativity ".


Antonio Gutiérrez Rodríguez.

Principio y Fin

Soñando ser tú

Soñando ser Tú



Transgresión del Atardecer

Visión Tropical

Maja tropical Ilusión Serrana

Transgresión del Atardecer

Visión Tropical

Maja Tropical

Ilusión Serrana

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