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Rent a house or a flat by the inhabitant in Cuba: in 30 cities, 300 addresses, 500 rooms. 

Aeroport Jose Marti, Guanabo Playa del Este, La Havane Centro, Vedado, Miramar,  Matanzas, Varadero, Soroa, Viñales, Puerto Esperanza, La Palma Cayo Levisa, Santa Lucia,

Pinar del Rio, Isla de la Juventud, Young Island, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cienfuegos, Playa Giron, Playa Larga, Playa La Boca, Ciego de Avila, Santa Clara, Moron, Camaguey

Las Tunas, Puerto Padre, Playa Herradura, Playa Las Bocas, Holguin, Gibara, Bayamo, Manzanillo, Santiago de Cuba, Playa Siboney, Baracoa



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SPECIAL MUNICIPALITY (75000 inhabitants) 320 km of coast, 2210 km² 

NUEVA GERONA : 15 000 inhabitants. LA FE : 9000 inhabitants

A 20 mn flight from la Havana, or a 1 hour bus trip + 3 hours fast boat catamaran


In the past named Siguanea by the Indians, then El Evangelista by Christopher Colomb, the Island of the Parrots by the pirates, before becoming the Island with the Pines and finally in 1978 the Island of Youth ; this in the form of recognition of the work achieved by the thousands of young voluntary people who had come to study and work in the fields to plant immense citrus fruits plantation. 

Why want you to discover the Isla of Juventud ?  

It is quite simply to discover another vision of Cuba. 

You will quickly be filled with enthusiasm by the discrete charm and the quietude of this island, as well as the welcome of its habitants. 


In plane
Three flights a day from La Havana, early in the morning or in the evening : one-way flight = 100 Cuc.
Reserve your flight from Havana with Vedado

At the exit of the airport of Gerona  take the shuttle bus, it drops you to he city centre. The normal price of the bus ticket is 1 peso, but as a tourist you will pay 1 Cuc.

If not you can, take a taxi with approximately 5/7 Cuc.

When leaving, take the shuttle for the airport on the place facing the Caraîbe Cinéma, and this time the driver accepts the peso !    

In fast ultra boat 

At the start of Havana (bus Astro + boat) to the terminal Bus Nacional Omnibus. The counter which is has right station and with the external one. To make a reservation to be quiet the day of before the morning to the special counter currencies (Cuc) for the tourists. 

There is always place for people which pay in Cuc.  

Price of the voyage: 50 cuc to go. The children up to 12 years pay 25 cuc to go.

Durée of the voyage with the transfers, approximately 4h30.
The departure : 9h of Havana, but it is preferable to get information before the departure and the return.

From Nueva Gerona departures every day at  7AM. Purchase of the tickets on the port (lancha + bus). To make a reservation to be quiet with the special counter (Cuc) for the tourists.   

IMPORTANT: don’t forget your passport.L’alcool and the cutting objects are prohibited on the catamaran. The bags are excavated, as in customs.



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There are 2 banks where you can draw out money or change foreign currencies with a credit card, or draw out local money.

Where to sleep ?

About 20 addresses are available at the inhabitant with " the COMPLETE FILE ". The price is 15 Cuc for 2 people. Guaranteed comfort and welcome.

To see  

Museo Municipal. Church Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores. The Museo de la Lucha Clandestina, the Planetario and Museo de Historia Natural, the Museo Finca El Abra (José Marti) and the Presidio Modelo. On the harbour, the boat El Pinero. The marble quarries which offers a beautiful point of view on the city and vicinity and the city center with the famous pillar houses.


Cinéma : La Casa de la Cultura, the Parque Ahao. Restaurants : the Cabaret El Patio, night club, the Casa de los Vinos. Super Disco in la Villa Gaviota, sea,  beach and diving. Whole night opened restaurants animate the pedestrian street in the centre. On weekend there's a lot of atmosphere around the pedestrian street, the disco  and the cabaret...

Car rental

Possible for 1 hour, ½ day or the whole day.

Skin Diving

Go to Colony Hotel (41 km from Gerona).


Punta Del Este (56 km) white sand, and  2 black sand beaches (5 km from Gerona). You’d rather go to the beaches runned by the Cubans  where the atmosphere is guaranteed, especially on weekend. Another beach, Bibijagua : deserted and sad.  

Receive the Document   See the Island Houses  

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